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Prestige Media Group AG
Prestige Media Group AG
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PRESTIGE Media Group S.A.

Europe's most exclusive
media boutique

"We invest in the future and continue to build upon our portfolio of prestigious entities, ensuring the perpetual growth and strength of the group."
Our story
In 2019 PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. acquired Editorial AG and started creating Europe's most exclusive media boutique. In 2020 this journey will be supported by acquiring PRESTIGEtech and PRESTIGEfinance.
PMG is Revolutionizing the digitalization process for all our products and companies
Broad portfolio
Moving forward with further acquisitions in various trades such as insurance, hotels, travel, real estate and conventions.
Expanding its already solid status by launching its initial public offering (IPO) in 2021.
A wide range of brands
Over and above our existing Finance, Tech and Media productions we are currently moving forward with further acquisitions in various trades such as insurance, hotels, travel, real estate and conventions.
Latest News