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Prestige Media Group AG
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Our Company

Our story

In 2019 PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. acquired Rundschau Medien AG and started creating Europe's most exclusive media boutique. In 2020 this journey will be supported by acquiring PRESTIGEtech and PRESTIGEfinance.Taking it to the next level, PMG will expand its already solid status by launching its initial public offering (IPO) at Euronext Access in Paris this September.
The PRESTIGE Media Group is a fast-growing network of long-standing successful associations across the globe. Through determination and innovation we continuously manage to excel. We plan for the future and have built up a scintillating, ever growing portfolio of subsidiaries of the utmost quality in the varying industries. We not only invest in prosperous companies, we aim higher. Our partners complement each other using and further developing state-of-art technology and procedures.

In a world where we are dependent on swift transactions and reliable payment flows it is paramount to have decisive structures and configurations, which we provide throughout the FINTECH industry as well as within our own organization.

The PRESTIGE Media Group is revolutionizing the digitalization process for all our products and companies by optimizing online presence and facilitating transactions using cutting-edge payment solutions. Supported by a community of several hundred thousand FINTECH and Crypto enthusiast we assure continuous development, quality and performance for all our partners.

The success of the group has opened up limitless possibilities which we are actively pursuing. Over and above our existing Finance, Tech and Media productions we are currently moving forward with further acquisitions in various trades such as insurance, hotels, travel, real estate and conventions.

"We invest in the future and continue to build upon our portfolio of prestigious entities, ensuring the perpetual growth and strength of the group."
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Core Values
At PMG we have been caring for our clients and partners from the start and are dedicated to deliver only the best. We will continue to build trust amongst our peers, concentrating on our goals in a professional and sustainable manner.
Our Vision
To continue to grow and build our portfolio and partnerships without compromise, focusing on quality, dedication and innovation.
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