PRESTIGE Media Group S.A.


Dear shareholders,

the corona pandemic is presenting companies worldwide with new, never-before-seen challenges and is causing corresponding uncertainty among investors. In order to keep you even better informed in this dynamic environment, we will inform you about the course of your company's business in addition to our regular media releases with letters to investors addressed directly to you.

The December 2020 investor letter can be downloaded here

To come to the point: PRESTIGE Media Group SA (PMG) is on the right track, even if the Corona crisis is currently presenting us with some challenges. The lockdown of the economy ordered by the Federal Council and the uncertainty of many customers delayed some of our media projects, which led to a temporary drop in sales. Thanks to the rapid support measures taken by the federal government, however, we were able to secure the operational basis of our group and liquidity, as well as pursuing our stated goal: to consolidate and expand the group's position as the most exclusive media boutique in Europe.