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Another successful market launch for PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP S.A.

Press Release

Paris, 15. May 2020

Another successful market launch for PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP S.A.

The internationally active PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP S.A. is constantly expanding its areas of activity. With Raemil Tatis, it can strengthen its Paris operations and develop another international market.

PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP S.A. is proud to have welcomed Raemil Tatis, a true professional, to the Paris office in March 2020. As Head of International Business Development at PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP S.A., Raemil Tatis is taking the Paris operations to a whole new level. Tatis has over 13 years of management experience in luxury consumer goods, tourism, and the media industry. She has worked, among other things, at Tiffany & Co in Los Angeles and on various various journalistic projects in the Dominican Republic.
Tibor Müller, President of PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP S.A.  highlighted that "We are pleased to welcome Raemil Tatis to our ranks. She will provide a real boost to the team, and will take us forward from Paris on to central markets, such as Germany, Spain, France, the USA, and the Dominican Republic. Her experience in this market will be particularly helpful to us, especially at present time when we have significantly expanded our presence in the Dominican Republic."  
Seeking to become active in the local market, PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP S.A. has found a potent and distinguished cooperation partner for journalism in the Dominican Republic in the shape of magazine publisher "First Class". This exclusive partnership will significantly shorten the time to market, and a separate country edition of PRESTIGE, the group's flagship lifestyle publication, will soon be available.
As PRESTIGE was previously successfully published by RUNDSCHAU MEDIEN AG mainly for the Swiss target market, the internationally established PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP S.A. has everything it needs to give PRESTIGE international wings.

This partnership with the magazine "First Class" is, as the first time it has granted a publishing licence, a special milestone for PRESTIGE MEDIA GROUP S.A..
Raemil Tatis said of the partnership, "The publishing licence gives the creators of First Class access to a magazine ready for distribution, with the usual high-quality and timeless content. The licensee has access to a quota of advertising spaces in the magazine. Of course, the foreword also belongs to the publisher. The effect of this is to grant the publisher access to PRESTIGE's entire, exclusive network from day one. This provides the publisher of PRESTIGE magazine the ideal opening for exclusive exhibitions and events. The publisher is also a welcome VIP guest at trade fairs.
I am very pleased that we will continue to expand this business in the future. For those who are interested in becoming publishers of our PRESTIGE magazine in their country, please feel free to contact me at any time."

Further Information
Raemil Tatis
Head of International Business Development
Mobile:  +33 6 26 20 21 01