PRESTIGE Media Group S.A.

Digitization of the international media and marketing platform is advancing

PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. (PMG), Europe's most exclusive media boutique, has continued its digitization strategy with the integration of PRESTIGE Tech AG. The aim is to link the international digital media and marketing platform with digital payment and financing systems.

Pratteln, April 2, 2021. - XPERTECH AG, which specializes in digitization, fast transactions and reliable payment flows, was founded in 2020 by PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. (PMG) and renamed PRESTIGE Tech AG. The new subsidiary is now being gradually integrated into the overall structure of the media and marketing platform in order to give customers access to the most modern digital payment and financing options. Structures and products are developed that not only offer support within our own organization, but also in the entire FINTECH industry.
The trend in the media industry towards digital products has been developing for years. This change has been accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis and the associated economic and personal constraints. Those who manage to strengthen their digital offerings now will emerge as winners in the end. Specialized titles that survive this crisis will see a strong increase in sales after the restrictions are lifted. In PMG's consistent digitization strategy, PRESTIGE Tech AG is a further guarantee for further, crisis-proof growth of the group in a market with a turnover of over 100 billion Swiss francs.
In addition to Editorial AG, PRESTIGE Tech is based in the modern and exclusive premises of the CERES Tower in Pratteln. An optimal exchange between the two subsidiaries of PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. guaranteed.
In 2019 PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. acquired the Editorial AG and began with the establishment of the most exclusive media boutique in Europe. In 2020, this journey was supported by further acquisitions and growth continued in 2021. In order to be able to drive further growth and expansion even faster, PRESTIGE Media Group S.A. Completed their IPO in 2021.

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